Uplifting Potential.

Creating Success.

UPCS, 2020

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Uplifting Potential. Creating Success

The UP Consulting Society is a student-run organisation aiming to bridge the gap between students and the consulting world, in order to ease the transition from university to a successful consulting career. The UP Consulting Society aims to be the premier recruiting hotspot for consulting firms and become the most active and prestigious society at the University of Pretoria through offering extensive networking opportunities, active events with consulting firms, and skill-building activities.

The UPCS is one of the most active societies on campus with a strong value proposition for members, and many opportunities for students to get involved with their university and career plans beyond academia. Our strong ties with top firms in industry, multiple events, skills development, interview training schemes and yearly competitions makes us one of the most exciting and sought after societies on campus, boasting a 400+ membership base.


Our Vision

We want to create more than a society. We want to create a platform that members within the society can leverage well into the coming years to fully prepare them for the management consulting field. We want to be locally recognised as a university society that is indispensable to the preparation of students for the consulting field


Our Mission

To ease the transition from university to a successful consulting career. Through extensive networking opportunities, facetime with consulting firms and skill building activities, the UPCS has become a premier recruiting hotspot for all major consulting firms. UPCS has built a reputation of being one of the most active, prestigious and largest societies in the University of Pretoria.

4 years of excellence

We are adamant on building well-equipped consultants!

Every year in consulting is like three years in the corporate world because you have multiple clients, multiple issues – you grow so much.

Indra Nooyi

Board of director, Amazon



Here are the companies that make it possible to do what we do.

What do we do?

These are the various channels through which we will drive our goal of better equipping our members to succeed in the management consulting field.


Professional Development


Pro-bono Consulting


Case Competition


Consulting Events

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Breeding equipped consultants

One engagement at a time

We are focused on growing a membership base filled with students who are concerned about building a brighter future not only for themselves, but for the greater community as a whole, by constantly trying to improve themselves. We are looking for students with an appetite to learn new things and to be constantly challenged.
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What will UPCS do for you?

Word Readiness

One of the biggest complaint laid by management and top level executives in management consulting is work readiness. Most students are not adequately equipped to conduct themselves well in the workplace. We have experts who are going to tell you all of the need-to-know.

Problem Solving

Problem solving; one could really say is fundamentally the essence of consulting. Management consultants solve problems. Without this particular skillset, there's not much value you add to a consulting firm. We help you develop that!


Through the numerous events we host for our members with the aim of connecting them with industry giants and fellow students sharing the same interests, networking will become second nature if you are active in this society.


University of Pretoria, Hatfield, 0028