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upcs Growth hub

UPCS Growth Hub

What is this about?

Ultimately, the purpose of UPCS is to gear eager students toward a career in consulting. Throughout the years we have planned and executed great initiatives such as the annual Case Competition and Pro Bono Consulting to propel us toward achieving this goal.

We have learned that, while these activities do well to prepare students for a life in consulting, they do little in terms of converting students to graduate recruits. To this end we have decided to merge the Case Competition and Pro Bono initiatives to form the new UPCS Growth hub.

How will this work?

The purpose of the initiative is to equip students with critical consulting skills that will make them stand out in a pool of graduates.

UPCS Growth hub is a 4-week training camp (1 session per week) hosted by our sponsors. During the camp, students will be urged to form teams of 3-5 students and tackle a real consulting case (sourced from CaseSolvers). In Case Competition fashion, the case will be released to the teams 48 hours prior to the graduation ceremony. The teams will then be required to attempt the case and present their solutions to our panel of judges made up of representatives from our sponsor firms. The winning team will be awarded the R5000 prize (previously R8000).

Upon successful completion of the camp, students will be awarded a certificate of participation, to be endorsed by our sponsors. Students can then use this certification to leverage their position when applying for graduate positions, thus increasing our members rate of recruitment in the consulting industry.

Each week will be guided by one of the following topics of discussion:

  1. Problem solving and critical thinking skills

  2. Communication and presentation skills

  3. Quantitative and qualitative reasoning

  4. Delivering the solution